Determined to create something better, DRIV3R was formed to restore a balance in the Rideshare industry and make the experience enjoyable for riders and profitable for drivers.

We leverage a tokenized economy model to share the value among all participants of the platform, maintain lean business operations to minimize costs, and scale with the help of the platform participants as the network grows.

Building on Strong Values


Because trust is paramount when you are about to start a journey with a stranger, DRIV3R ought to inspire trust to its customers (riders and drivers) and it begins with transparency. Communication is key and will always be delivered through clear guidelines.



When a business only connects two persons and takes most of the profit of their activity, we believe it’s unfair. Fairness starts with valuing properly the true actors of the service (riders and drivers) and being supportive rather than abusive.


We believe in quality over quantity. Because of the sheer number of drivers on the roads, profits are unsustainable and more than 50% give up within 3 months, 97% within a year. This encourages a race to the bottom in the quality of service. We plan to grow our network of drivers organically with demand so that everyone can earn a living.

Core Team

Bruno Lambla
Business Management and Delivery

General Manager of a Software Company (55 employees) in the Transport sector.

10+ years Project Management @ Thales (Defence)

2 times founder.

Mathieu David
Vision & Business Development

Experienced in R&D, Marketing and Sales.

Experienced in startup environment

Part-time Rideshare driver for 18 months (2,500+ trips)

Kevin Sun
Back End Developer

Senior Software Engineer with over 16 years development experience.

Proficient in C/C++, Java, Scrum

Merson Pereira
Front End Developer

Senior Software Engineer with over 11 years development experience.

Proficient in C/C++, SQL, XML

Developed the original platform www.bookmycab.com that later became OLA (rideshare company)